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Leverage Social Media To Build Positive Branding

Have you ever wondered why some brands always get battered on social media while some always come across as the most customer-caring and positive brands? Well, the trick lies in managing the social media to ensure that every hint of negative comment, review, post on social media is addressed before it turns into a negative image for the business! Our Online Reputation Management (ORM) team works round-the-clock to execute efficient crisis management on all social media and online verticals. We empower the customers by building, managing and repairing the online image of their business!

Our Online Reputation Management Service Offering

Digital PR Handling

Digital Public Relationship management is one of the key aspects of building a favorable image of the business online. The experienced PR team at IT Web Solutions has connections in the media that help the marketing teams to dictate the messaging and digital image of the brand by virtue of paid PR management.

Reviews & Ratings

Online reviews and ratings play a huge role in the success of any direct-to-customer business today! It is estimated that more than 70% of the potential customers check online reviews and ratings before purchasing a product or booking a service. Our team works as watch-dogs of the internet to nullify any negative reviews and promote positive ratings!

Social Media Branding

It is impossible to satisfy every customer every single time and in today’s social media savvy world, some customers are bound to showcase their feelings on social media. Managing Facebook comments, Tweets and Instagram is an essential part of ensuring the online reputation of the brand stays intact and any disgruntled customers are handled efficiently.

Why Hire Us as Your Online Reputation Management Partner?

Experienced Managers

Maintaining the right image of the brand requires tremendous coordination and efforts from the marketing teams. The PR managers at IT Web Solutions have a wealth of experience and contacts in the media industry to architect the right image building that eliminates negative PR from any online platforms.

High Customer Satisfaction

The best testimonial of our ORM team is the fact that we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate! Our teams are well versed with handling digital PR of Business-to-Business as well as direct-to-customer brands. The vigilant team is always on the lookout for any negative rating, review, tweet or comment and works closely with the customers to push the right messaging.